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It is prudent to find out about the cost of an Akita puppy or dog before you go ahead and start really looking; after all, if the price is too high for your budget, it will limit your financial ability to care for the dog.

When one thinks about the price, one should also keep in mind that after the sale there will be regular additional spending for care.

But, first, let’s look at the range that you can expect.

We would suggest only obtaining an AKC registered Akita.  He or she will be sold as a pet, with a spay/neuter contract, unless otherwise decided upon by both you and the breeder.
You will want to make sure that the pup is sold with pedigree and with a 1 year health contract, which guarantees that there will be no genetic health issues for the first year of life.

Every single state in the U.S. will offer you a breeder with a different price range.  Popularity of the dog, how many breeders are located in that area and more will be factors in the cost.

The price will range between $750 and $2000.  However, a typical well-bred AKC registered pup will be approximately $800 to $1000 USD.  For breeding rights or show dogs, the price will be on the higher end.

If an Akita is being sold for any amount less than $500, we would strongly suggest NOT purchasing him or her. That price is just too low for a healthy, purebred and this is a red flag that something is wrong.  Additionally, very few owners would give away their Akita…. The bond is too great, the dog would either go with family members or they most often would sell the dog for a high cost with the mindset that if person cannot afford the purchase; they would not be able to afford the care.

If an owner is to give away this breed, it may be due to aggression issue; this is often when a rescue will step in, as members will have experience with this type of situation.

When sold as a pet (with a spay/neuter contract), it will cost approximately $150 to have that procedure done by an experienced and reputable veterinarian.

Vaccinations, of which many are needed, during the first year will cost roughly $150.  De-worming and thyroid testing will be additional.

If you choose to obtain pet insurance to cover medical bills, medications and more, it can cost as much as $250 per year, however with the wide range of possible health issues that the Akita can have, it can be well worth the price and be financial beneficial to you.

Other costs associated with ownership will be: food (both kibble and fresh that should be added in), toys, grooming supplies (brushes, combs, shampoo, wipes, dental cleaning tools and paste), bowls, crate/dog bed, leashes, collars, flea, tick and heart worm protection and other miscellaneous items.

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