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Akita Names

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When you are choosing an Akita name, there will be 2 elements involved:

•    The name that you call you pup or dog at home
•    The registered name

Element to Keep in Mind

Choosing a name for your Akita is important. You want it to fit the breed and your dog in particular due to his coloring, personality, etc.
name for an AkitaDogs pay attention to the first syllable in any word, this is why commands are short: “sit” “stay” “ come”.

Therefore, this should be kept in mind. One mistake that owners can make and not realize it until they begin to training, is that they choose something that sounds very similar to a command word. Opps! Now, with the dog paying the most attention to that 1st syllable, he or she can become confused….

For example, some dogs called Seth will confuse a quick “Seth!” with “Sit!”  

Also keep in mind that with a long, cute name, chances are your Akita is only going to pay attention to the first part. For example, we know of an owner who opted to go with “Lord Vicious” …the dog responds to “Lord” and does not wait for the 2nd half to be said.

It is best, if you have other pets in the home such as a cat, that each has a distinctly different name, that does not sound like or rhyme with the other. For example, “Rock” and “Roxanne” would not work out well.

Additionally, you will not want this to be the case for any humans in the home… If your son is Jim and your Akita is Jimmy, and you call out to both of them often, this will cause chaos.

Akita namesWhether you have an American or a Japanese type, you may want to go with a Japanese word (since both types were developed in Japan).

Here is a list of some great Japanese names for the Akita, along with translation. This first list is for either gender:

Amaterasu: Sun Goddess
Gen: Spring
Hoshi: Star
Hana: Blossom
Inazuma: Flash of lightning
Kashi: Oak
Kin: Golden
Kiyoshi : Quiet Child
Kuroi: Black
Kitsune:  Fox
Kinu : Silk
Kuma – Bear
Maemi: Honest Child
Mitsu: Light
Natsu: Summer
Nori: Belief
Okami: Wolf
Riko: Clever
Saku: Remembrance of The Lord
Sakura: Cherry
Samurai: Warrior
Sanyu: Happiness
Sato: Sugar
Seiko: Force, Truth
Shiro: White
Shinju: Pearl
Shogun: A leader
Tomodachi: Friend

Japanese Akita namesHere are the top 10 Akita names for females:

Amarante: Flower That Never Fades
Amaya: Night Rain
Emiko: Blessed, Beautiful Child
Gin: Silver
Jin: Tenderness
Kaida: Little Dragon
Kata: Worthy
Keiko: Blessing
Kimi: She Who Is Without Equal
Masako: Justice

Here are the top 10 Akita names for males:

Haruki: Shining Brightly
Haruko: First Born
Kana: Powerful
Keitaro: Blessed
Kuri: Chestnut
Makoto: Sincere, Honest
Ryu: Dragon
Yasuo: Peaceful One
Yoshi: Quiet
Yukio: Gets What He Wants

Once you decide what you want to call your Akita, it is best to say it to them often, any time that you want them to pay attention to you.  It should be said in a happy, yet confident tone of voice. 

If you have made up your mind while still waiting for your pup to grow old enough to come home to you, it can help to contact the breeder…Inform them of your choice and ask him or her to refer to your pup in that way.  A puppy begins to hear and understand key sounds starting at the age of 3 weeks…And this only grows stronger each week.   This way, they can have a great head start on responding when called.

Registering a Name

When you register your Akita, you may decide that you want him or her to have more than 1 name.  This is done quite a bit, and especially by breeders. Show dogs almost always have 3, 4 or 5.

For AKC registration, you can give your puppy a name that is very long, up to 50 characters. However, the standard registration is up to 36 characters...therefore, if you choose to go beyond that and up to the maximum of 50, there will be a small additional fee.  Note, that spaces count as characters.

For example, King Kata consists of 8 letters, but with the space it would officially be 9 characters.

There are 3 main options:

Option A:   You can choose one long name.

For example, Your dog may be registered as: Hana the Blossom on the Hill…And then Hana would be what you normally call her.

Option B:  You may choose to have an "also known as" included.   This is shown as the common "AKA". An example of this would be:  King of the Hill AKA Cupcake.  Many owners play around with this, often making the first part sound official and the “aka” a cuter, amusing name.

Option C:  You can have numbers included if you like.  These can be Arabic numbers such as 1, 2 or 3...or you can spell them out.   The first option would look like this:  Proud Papa AKA Smiles 5.   The other option would look like this: Proud Papa AKA Smiles Five.   When numbers are used, it is most often done by breeders will choose similar if not exact names for each puppy, but then change the number that follows.

Words that are Not Permitted

  • One of the most significant guidelines is that you may not use the word "Champion. This is set aside for dogs that have won at AKC show events.
  • An Akita name cannot be simply "Akita" or any other official breed.
  • Curse words are not allowed.
  • The following words are not allowed: male, female, bitch, stud, dam or sire.
  • You may not have a registered Kennel name in there.  Only breeders can do this, and they can only do so once they have proven to the AKC that they have had an established program for at least 5 years.
You CAN use the terms: Sir or Lady.. And this is done a lot. For example, for a male one may choose something like: Sir Protector of the House AKA Roger....And for a female: Lady Blossom Tree and AKA Petal.

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