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Akita Pictures
Welcome to the Awesome Akita Photo Gallery. Your Akita can be showcased!...

This is collection of Akita pictures that are chosen based on:
  • Clarity
  • Representation of the breed
  • Expression of Akita traits and personality
We are currently accepting nominations...So, send in a photo of your Akita...and show him or her off as they deserve....Rules and Easy Guidelines are Below...

How to Nominate Your Akita

Nominations are currently being accepted for the Awesome Akita photo gallery.  This is an opportunity for loving owners to show off just how awesome their puppy or dog is and for their Akita to be showcased.  We may also choose certain photos to appear on other pages of the site, with credit being given to the owner.

To nominate your Akita, email the following information...And attach your Akita's picture as a .jpg, or .gif

Let us know:
  • Your Akita's name
  • The age of your Akita when the photo was taken (approximate age is just fine)
  • Your name if you wish for it to show (either first name, first and last or family name)
  • You may add a short tag line if you wish... It must be 35 characters or less... for example, "All mine!" or "Are you looking at me?" This is optional...

Copy and paste the following into the email:  "I give permission to use the attached photo for the purposes of my Akita being showcased in the Awesome Akita Photo Gallery"

Once you enter this information into an email and you have made sure that the picture is attached as a .jpg or .gif format.... send it to:

Note: Please take a moment to LikeUs/ShareUs

and then, be sure to sign up as a free Akita-Dog Member (if you haven't already), so that you can receive a notice when Akitas are chosen for the Awesome Akita Photo Gallery.