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Akitas VS Bears

Because many people compare the appearance of the Akita to a bear it is understandable to want to know the statistics of an Akita VS a Bear. We are going to give you the details of this breed VS one of the most magnificent bear types: The Grizzly and one of the most common:  the American Black Bear


The Akita, depending on country, is classified as either the same breed with 2 different varieties or as 2 separate distinct breeds: The Japanese and the American.
The American Akita Inu color:  Most will be of 2 or 3 color mixes.  Many appear solid, but have 2 different tones between inner and outer layer. The possible colors are: Black, black brindle, blue brindle, brown, brindle, fawn, fawn brindle, pinto, red, silver, and white.

The Japanese Akita Inu color:  Brindle, red and white. Reds and brindles have white markings on the inner legs, underneath of the tail, the underbelly, cheeks and face…These markings are called Urajiro.

The Grizzly  Bear:  Many people think about a large, black bear when picturing the Grizzly, but this animal can be found in many colors. Coat can range from a very light tan to a deep black. The majority however are a shade of the brown hues, many with a lighter tint on the tips of the hairs.  Their coat may change from light to dark throughout the year as seasons change:

American Black Bear:  Same color variations as the above mentioned Grizzly.


The Akita is an omnivore.  Since they are tamed human companions, a healthy diet consists of: dry kibble, fish, fruits and vegetables.  Owners are encouraged to offer then a day of light fasting 1 time per week. Additional supplements are needed for optimal health.  If left to fend for themselves, they would be capable of chasing down and eating squirrels, birds and other small prey.  History shows us that they were used for hunting deer and bear…however those that were comparable in size.

The Grizzly is an omnivore.  They eat wild prey such fish (mostly salmon), caribou, moose and elk. They also eat grasses, roots, wild berries and insects.

The American Black Bear
is also an omnivore. The diet consists of salmon, young deer and small moose calves. They also eat plants, nuts, insects, berries and fruits.

                    Size Comparison of Aktia and Bear

Side by Side Stats of the Akita VS Bears


                                        Akita                                         Grizzly  Bear                                 American Black Bear

Life Span                      10-12 years                              25 years                                        10 (in captivity) up to

                                                                                                                                            30 (in the wild)

Weight                        70-130 pounds(32-59 kg)          350-800 pounds (160-360kg)    150-300 pounds (68-158 kg)

Height (at shoulder)   22.8-28 inches (58-71 cm)          39.5 inches (100 cm)                  30-36 inches(76-91 cm)

Speed (top speeds):   25 mph                                       30 mph                                       30 mph

Bite Pressure:             350 pounds per square inch      1200 pounds per square inch     4,150 lb per square inch

Litter Size:                   3-12                                           1-3                                              1-6


All 3 animals have some level of aggression. They display it for various reasons…

When it comes to aggression, the Akita VS a bear…and the idea of a human stumbling into one of the animals and considering what can happen, the Grizzly is the most ferocious.

The Akita has been breed to be a guard dog; it is his instinct to guard and protect what he considers to be his territory and his humans.  He is aggressive toward other dogs, particularly of the same gender.  Males to males or female to female will not be able to live together.  They may be aggressive toward other animals, however when chasing after rodents and other smaller creatures, this is hunting instinct and not an aggression issue.  They may show aggression toward children, especially those who are not part of the household.  Typically, he will growl or show other behavior as a warning before attacking.

The Grizzly is dangerous due to instinctual behavior based on protection of his territory, but mainly his food and his young. He will be aggressive but usually only when it comes to food or protecting their cubs.

When confronted, they will not back down, they stand their ground. Females are hostile toward anyone who comes too close to her offspring, 70% of all fatal attacks occur when a mother is protecting her cubs.  They hunt other large animals, even (sometimes) the Black Bear.

The Black Bear is generally only a threat if the female feels that her cubs are being threatened.  In the past 100 years only 61 people have been killed by this animal in North America.

They have been known to slap a person with extended claws as a warning before a potential attack.  Able to climb trees, many become nervous around people and will choose to hide up high as opposed to confronting if a person is to unexpectedly come across one.

Health Issues

For the Akita Inu, the leading cause of death is cancer (32%) of all of those that are registered. This is followed by heart failure
face of bear and akita dogand bloat.  Cardiac issues are generally seen with seniors…. Cancer screenings should be done beginning at the age of 7 years.  Incidence of bloat can be prevented in many cases with proper feeding and other preventive elements.

For the Grizzly Bear, the leading cause of death is from direct actions of humans. They are hunted or killed – done in many cases with provocation - when perceived as threats even when not showing any aggression.  They are also killed by vehicles. This is followed by failure to find enough food or needed shelter.  They are on the endangered species list, which means such a small numbers exist, that they are at risk of becoming extinct.

For the Black Bear, the leading cause of death is accidents (most often when hit by cars).  This is followed by environmental issues including scare food sources and loss of habitat. This animal is on the endangered species list, as numbers have grown so small, they may one day become extinct.


The most popular sayings about these animals:

Akita: "Gentle in the heart, but brave and strong on the surface."

Grizzly:  “Most animals show themselves sparingly. The grizzly bear is 6 to 8 hundred pounds of smugness. It has no need to hide. If it were a person, it would laugh loudly in quiet restaurants, boastfully wear the wrong clothes for special occasions, and probably play hockey.”

Black Bear: "The rule about bears is their unpredictability."


The Akita dog is a Japanese National Monument, made official in 1931.

The Grizzly is the State Animal of California. Shockingly they were killed off very quickly beginning in force during the gold rush. The last known killed was in 1922. They were given this designation in 1953.

Black Bears are the official State Animal of Louisiana, designated in 1992.

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